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World X I Selectors....Were you listening?

In the recently held ICC Super Series, World XI was thrashed, beaten to pulp by the aussies in both one day series and super six day test match which ended in 3 days :-) or were the ICC planning for 2 super test matches..ahahha

So ICC thought..hey lets bring 11 world best players..and then they should just appear on the ground and success will be theirs..Aussies will be humbled on their homeground after being beaten fair and square (no debates here please) by English in the earlier concluded Ashes..

But..wink wink..we get the opposite..The big giants..are brought to their knees...Knock knock..why..The Selectors missed the big factor..The "TEAM" factor..Can these 11 stars play as 11 close knit, well informed, aware of each other, trusting, communicating members of a well oiled team..The thing they must have looked for is can we bring 11 above average players from non Aussie teams, see how they can gel, how much time would that take and then pitted them against the Aussies...That would have surely been more brilliant than Eng Vs Aus 2005 or Ind vs Aus 2001 series...2 very famous closely and hard fought test series...

So alls gone down the wind..ICC does best what they can now..they see no ICC super series...so it means you blame the players and everything else but your abiltity to pick the right players..ICC doesnt want to learn..I think...No wonder the game is being held togehter by a few wonderful unselfish players on each team...

Lesson for us: The team's only goal is to succeed, not to have A star team which can figure out how to win and thats what Scott says here in this wonderful essay...

The myth of all star teams

All-star teams lose. While it’s an honor to be chosen to an all-star team, it’s miserable to play on one. These teams are constructed without consideration for how to bring people together. Whenever an all-star team plays a mediocre, but intact team, they usually lose.
Read this and apply to World X1 team and it looks like Scott saw the matches and then wrote the article..But then where ever teams are expected to win these rules laid down in the essay apply..
------Scott Berkun

Looks like Scott saw the matches and wrote the essay..But then this applies to all teams...Great essay..Must read..highly recommended..

Together Everyone Achieves More..but in this scenario togetherness was not there to the fullest extent and what was achieved was much lower than what was expected. Expectations were on each player and not on a team as a whole..A team is never made up of all star players it is made up of individuals who work/play together and perform their best to achieve the most for their team. Cricket like programming is not an Individual but a Team effort :-)

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