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Consensus or Instinct

My moment of reckoning came in vastly different circumstances as I lay prone with a Hannibal Lecter mask protecting a nose with multiple fractures in a Colombo hospital bed next to Jason Gillespie, who had a shattered leg bone and a fractured wrist. It was during a reflective look back at my captaincy up to that point that I realised if I didn't make it back to captain Australia again, I had sold myself short as I'd captained by consensus and not by my instincts. In my sorry state I vowed to always back my gut feeling and to never hesitate in the future. -- Steve Waugh

This maps directly to the book Blink I am reading. So much are we taugh to collect data, think
a lot before doing something. There will however be roles in life, times when we have to go purely by instincts. Now if you are not trained or habitual in doing that it may turn out to be so good.
Read Blink a great book to train yourself to when believe in ur snap judgements and when not.

So also for agile. If I go by consensus I am sure the answer will not be to agilers liking. But if go by my instincts I think Agile will surely make its mark in various forms. But then Blink has taught me "Blink judgements are nothing but a collated results of your experiences. At times processing is correct and at times not. The key to unlock is when it correct and when not" :-)

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