Dec 3, 2005

Tendulkar Vs Others again

Read this article: Tendulkar against others in Run chases

For those who havent:: the stats are excluding vs zim,ban,and other non test playing nations. Only ODIs.

Run chases <240>240.

See where Tendulkar stands.

A key extract:

  • In these 21 matches when the team has chased more than 240, Tendulkar has come up with some sterling performances - two of the most memorable ones were against arch-rivals Pakistan: in the 2003 World Cup at Centurion, Tendulkar blitzed 98 of the finest, in the process winning a key battle against Shoaib Akhtar; then, on the tour to Pakistan in 2004, Tendulkar kept India going virtually single-handedly when they were faced with a huge target of 330 at Rawalpindi, scoring a magnificent 141. What's probably added to the perceptions against Tendulkar is the results of the matches when Tendulkar has got starts: he has topped fifty in six of those 21 matches, and India have gone on to lose five (the only victory came in the World Cup match against Pakistan).
Tendulkar's 50-plus scores chasing more than 240 since 2002 Score Opposition Match
98 Pakistan Centurion, 2003
68 Australia Mumbai, 2003-04
89 Australia Bangalore, 2003-04
63 Australia Melbourne, 2004-05
141 Pakistan Rawalpindi, 2003-04
78 Pakistan Colombo, 2004

I still maintian my original stand. No individual in a game like cricket is a match winner. Based on the maximum contributions you can attribute that title to that individual for that match. But then "man of the match" is a better title. Isnt it?

But people on the team have to play their roles well. The team where maximum individuals contribute wins consitently. At times individuals will overshadow the team. But champion temas have great contributors. And there will be times when individuals will go into a rough patch, when others have to stretch themselves a bit more. Thats what is called 'resilience' of a good team. Does India have it now?Probably yes. But did it have earlier. Emphatically no.

The problem was all Indians only believed and I think more so his critics that only he has the ability to win matches for India which is sad. So in a way the Tendulkar critcs love him more than his fans. AN amazing irony. Also shows that critics need to understand team games more.

And looking at Tendulkar with the role to provide starts and solid ones, in the matches above he was a match winner but for his team mates not being upto the mark on those days. So there will be days when Tendulkar will be not upto the mark. So what? look at the 6 times when he has contributed brilliantly but others around him have failed. We won only 1. Also look at the oppositon. And 4 of these have been played away. And 2 come on bouncy tracks of Centurion and Melbourne. Only match winners have the guts to play such knocks :-)

Also look at his strike rate. And yes see Lara and Ponting in run chases. Especially Ponting. Shows why Australia is a champion team. And in ODIs I dont remember Lara playing a single significant knock to date. Also in test matches he is not that great. But test matches we will debate later.

I still stick to the opinion that cricket is a team game and ppl have to play the roles given to them. You cant give the role of a quick start, anchor in the middle and finish the innings to Tendulkar.

I think then its better of he plays alone if thats the case. Rest can go and rest(REAL REST i mean hehehe) in the hotel rooms.

I am not against anyone voicing his opinion or disliking Tendulkar. Each has a right to his own opinion and to express it. But then be fair.

Point is have same standards applied to all. If Tendulkar fails in few innings all tongues will start wagging. But why not for others?Only when SG put his foot in Chappell's mouth then the calls for his head started vociferously. Why not earlier?Where are the critics when Lara doesnt perform in ODI's (he has given up..hahaha)?And where were these critics when Yuvraj's only consistency was to fail consistently?

My take::

  • Great starters in ODIS: Tendulkar , Jayasuriya, Gilchrist. All start solidly and have many times played upto the 45th over. You cant expect these guys to anchor and finish. Not humanly possible. Once in a while yes but not always. And yes the statsn in run chases have also been shown . So Tendulkar is not bad as its made out to be ;-). Sehwag not yet. Because he cant survive for long. Thats OK i think for all Tendlya bashers . hahaha. Dhoni when he starts opening will quickly join the group.
  • Great anchros in ODIs: Inzamam, Dravid, Kallis and Martyn. Inzamam is undoubtedly the best.
  • Great finishers: Klusener, Yuvraj,S Waugh. Probably Waugh is the only one who figures in 2 and 3 both. And yes Dravid has the potential to be a Waugh (almost there) but then if he was perfect match winner he should have really played a solid knock at Calcutta. As Waugh had done at Edgbaston in WC 99 with Aus firmly with their backs to the wall.
And yes Tendlyas start to end knocks in Sharjah against Aus havent been seen. Please add up the pressure factor also. Against Aus away and 2 must win matches. Dhonis' 183 against SL comes to my mind but still its just a notch less due to pressure factor.

And yes if Tendlya is as bad then I am awaiting for Chappell to fire and get fired. ;-)

For a champion team, one needs to have a mix of solid starters, acnhors and finishers with a mix of youth and experience. Aus is that team and Ind now is close on their heels. Enjoy.

PS:::None of this be taken personally.

Please leave your comments on the blog post. And we can follow the trace. Cheers.