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My Ruby Journey Has Started

Yes eventually I started on my journey to learn Ruby. Not just learn but with the hopes
that someday I will make a very fulfilling career out of it.

Dreams apart, I just went on to ruby-lang, downloaded the win installer, and started
with this link Ruby Quick Tour to get going on the basics. I prefer to get the wider picture.

Next I have just ordered the Programming Ruby book from Bordrers and I will use it
to rewrite my EzExpense application in Ruby. Gives me a real example to compare Java
and Ruby (though it may end up like comparing apples and oranges..really:-). Also I dont find
just reading a book or even solving examples given in a book the best way to learn. I feel happier and more satisifed if I can apply the learnings to write somethign significant. Makes me more confident for the real world later on.

I will also put my comparisions of EzExpense code in Ruby vis a vis Java. Where ruby helped me, where java (though from what I have read and known, the latter should be rare!!!). And I will also know writing this application if over an application Ruby is still as simulating and fun as I found it while going through the Quick tour above. So watch out for the comparisions.

Finally I will make EzExpense easy to use using Ruby on Rails framework. I as of now give
myself time till year end effectively 3 mths , in Dec 05 I may be on vacation in Ind..so I have
started my innings..let me see how it goes..:-)..

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