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Expense Calculator Started

I have started working on a new self application . I call it Expense Calculator. My intention
is to practice agile techniques: refactoring, unit testing, functional testing, automated builds to be precise.

About the app to be written:
Whenever a few ppl stay togehter there are bound to be shared expenses. This calculator will let you enter your expenses and generate expense sheets detaling the expenses and amount you must pay / receive from others.

About the experiences while writing the app:
I will put my experiences of writing the application in different posts and name them in this format: Expense Calculator Session X. Mainly I will put up a the targets I meet in each session and how the application evolves. Will elucidate them with class diagrams.

I hope this helps not only me but others. At significant intervals, I will also release the code developed.

See : Expense Calculator - Session 1

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