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No New Year Resolutions for Me

Every time a new year dawns and people come up with resolutions. Though I am not the kind of person who can do it with resolutions. I cannot decide anything at the spur of a moment and go for it. I though must point out that I apply this constraint to professional matters ;-)

The problem I find with resolutions is that there is not sufficient thought thats gone behind it. Its like a fashion statement. With time it fades away. On the contrary, I find it much better to measure what I have done every month or so. And very strictly every quarter. That is strictly to gauge where I am versus where I could be.

Also I use the new year as a year end review to find out if I have met the milestones I set. But these milestones are not resolutions. They are strictly thought out, refined and finalized. I typically do that in the last 2 weeks of Dec with the feedback of monthly, quarterly reviews. So its thought and planned. Not resolution.

Regarding reviews I keep them plain simple. I use an excel document with worksheets for personal/professional targets. Personal targets are also professional activities but outside the domain of my daily work! I keep checking my status, keep purging out those activities which may not be worth it. I am pretty much using XP feedback techniques. Just one excel sheet and regular positive thinking has helped me.

So if your resolutions are backed up with thoughts and flexible planning then great. So also I would say milestones without thoughts / feedback are worthless. Thus its your thinking and flexible planning that matter.

Have a Great Year Ahead.

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