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While reading how to read better and faster by Norman Lewis, I learnt a big lesson. Which I had learnt earlier also. But then its always good to revise. The difference between "will" and "wish". I realized that in many projects we say "wish we had automated tests, wish we had continous builds" etc. But we dont anything. Why? Because we dont really want to change or are "will"ing to put the efforts and bear the pain of change.

So I thought that why I picked up this book?Because I "willed" to upgrade my reading skills. Hence If I "will", I can introduce automated tests etc in any project I join. Yes I will face a few difficulties, but then I can find a way out if I "Will". But if I "wish" these difficulties are going to shut me off.

As a start then I am writing a simple finance calculator application which puts into practice refactoring, automated tests, continous builds. I "will" do it because I realize that only if I "will" I can change. I wish many others learn this lesson. Ooops I "will" :-)

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