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Learning Tips

Learning I believe never stops. Only the rate of learning. If you are conscious about your learning, great. But the biggest change comes about when people get into jobs. Somehow there is the impression, once again from the mechanical industry, that your learning, education is where you spend time learning. And the fruit of that is a job where you are not supposed to learn.

But the knowledge industry has changed that. Here learning is the most essential key and even more important is the fact that you apply your learnings efficiently. The key then becomes is how do you keep learning juggling your personal, professional needs. I for one believe that yes one will keep learning on the job. Still its very necessary to have a focussed learning plan in place. The only hitch is making the right plan especially with the demands on one's time.

Here the following few learning tips may help:

  1. Be as motivated as a child is to learn. Don’t forget that there is a child within you. Keep it alive.
  2. Learn at small, regular intervals. Keep yourself fresh always for learning.
  3. Make learning fun by tracking your progress.
  4. Maintain the tempo in later stages of learning when "law of diminishing returns" starts making itself felt.
  5. Use your brain always. Don’t forget your heart though :-)
  6. There will be phases in learning where you show little or no progress. Persevere.

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